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Support for ReSound Relief app
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ReSound Relief, your personalized tinnitus management program

The app works on any Apple® or Android device as long as the operating system version is Apple iOS® 7.03 or Android 5.0 or later. The app also works with any Bluetooth enabled (or wired) speaker, hearing aids, hearables, earbuds or headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

ReSound Relief is an app that helps you with your tinnitus. Offering sound therapy, relaxing exercises, the latest information about tinnitus and the opportunity to create weekly personalized plans to help you learn how to manage your tinnitus.
ReSound Relief offers the most complete tinnitus toolset in the app market today. In addition to offering sound therapy and relaxing meditations, ReSound Relief can also tailor personalized plans based on your needs to help you manage your tinnitus, with simple to follow instructions.  
No, ReSound Relief can be used with any Bluetooth compatible or wired speaker, hearing instruments, hearables, earbuds or headphones.
As long as the operating system is:  
Apple iOS 7.03 or later  
Android 5.0 or later  
All the tinnitus tools and therapies are completely free in the basic version of ReSound Relief. Additionally, ReSound Relief offers optional premium features that can be accessed by those who subscribe to Relief Premium at a minimal cost. 
Visit on your smartphone browser or Search for 'ReSound Relief' in your app store.
Yes. ReSound Relief is designed to provide information and guidance to anyone suffering from tinnitus. We do recommend you consult with a Hearing Care Professional knowledgeable in tinnitus management, in addition to using ReSound Relief. 
No. The app is designed to be a complementary tool that reinforces and supports clinical practice as part of a tinnitus management plan. It is not intended for use in audiological/ontological treatment of symptomatic tinnitus. 
Currently, Relief Premium offers two subscription plans: monthly and yearly. Both subscriptions auto renew automatically at the end of the period and can be cancelled at any time by managing subscriptions section in your iTunes or Google Play account. 
ReSound Relief Premium will tailor a personalized plan to help you manage your tinnitus. That plan is customized week by week, so it is recommended to stick with the plan until you find improvements with your tinnitus. 
ReSound Relief only collects general patient data, meaning how you physically interact with the app. Examples of this, could be ‘what SoundScape is selected most frequently’, or measuring ‘how often patients use the breathing exercise per session’. ReSound Relief does not collect data that can be linked to any particular individual’s identity. 
No. The personal data collected from the subscriptions, which would be in the form of credit card data, is collected an owned by your corresponding app store (i.e. Apple App Store or Google Play).
Need personal assistance?
We work with hearing care professionals all over the country and can quickly connect you with one in your local area. 
ReSound hearing care professional interacting with a patient during an appointment.