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ReSound Key
Welcome to great hearing
Meet your hearing essentials.
ReSound Key hearing aids cater to a wide range of different hearing needs
Hear with confidence

Your hearing is vital for connecting to the world and those around you. At ReSound, we want you to enrich your senses again with life's sounds.

ReSound Key™ hearing aids are designed to work comfortably and reliably with your own ears for truly great hearing. Gain more confidence to hear your best every day.

ReSound Key hearing aids let you hear your best every day

Benefits of ReSound Key include:

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Hearing sound clearly with less effort
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A hearing aid design that is comfortable
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Direct streaming from compatible devices
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One easy app for individualizing your experiences
Communicate with confidence
Our natural approach to sound

The inspiration for all our hearing solutions comes from how we hear and interact naturally with the world around us. That is why all ReSound hearing aids are built on our unique Organic Hearing philosophy, which emulates the natural hearing experience as closely as possible.

True clarity

Fully join in conversations with the clear sound quality of ReSound Key. Knowing that you can talk and hear easily gives a welcome confidence boost.

A ReSound Key user shown in different everyday situations
Discover your hearing solution

Which hearing aid style is right for you?

ReSound Key is available in a variety of styles and colors. Your hearing care professional can help guide you in choosing the right solution to meet your needs and preferences.
ReSound Key Lineup

Do you think you may be experiencing hearing loss?

Check your hearing with our quick, easy and free online hearing test.

Test your hearing
Support for every step

Guidance all the way

We have specially developed ReSound Key with your daily needs in mind. Feel free to individualize your experience yourself or reach out to your hearing care professional anytime through the ReSound Smart 3D app.
Get hearing care anytime
Stay in touch with your hearing care professional with our convenient remote care options that work with our app. Simply send a request to your hearing care professional and they can initiate a session.
A ReSound Key user getting support from his hearing care professional through remote care
Make experiences extra individual
Our intuitive, easy-to-use ReSound Smart 3D™ app is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod, and Android™ smartphones, for convenient adjustments on-the-go.
Connect with life
A solution that grows with you
The strength of ReSound Key is that you can live your life, communicate and connect with people and the world the way you want. ReSound Key uses connectivity based on Bluetooth® Low Energy.
A content ReSound Key user

Streaming great sound to your hearing aids

Hear calls, music, TV audio, podcasts, audiobooks, and your navigation app in your ReSound Key hearing aids, streamed directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or compatible Android smartphone.
Helpful wireless accessories
Our well-designed range of wireless accessories gives you an extra hearing boost in challenging situations and extends the sound experience. Watching TV with a loved one, hearing someone in a crowded restaurant and talking on a busy street are made much easier for you with our leading options.
ReSound Key hearing aids can be used with a wide range of wireless accessories

Experience ReSound Key

Find a hearing care professional near you to learn more about ReSound Key hearing aids.

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