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ReSound ENZO2

ReSound ENZO2 is one of the smallest and most
powerful hearing aids available and gives you
easy access to sound, no matter where it is coming from.
With ReSound ENZO2, you can connect to the
most important things in your life, stream sound
directly from iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®, and
discover what it feels like to intuitively personalize
your hearing experience.
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What our users are saying
Businessman James Raath talks about the life-changing benefits he experiences with ReSound ENZO2.
ReSound ENZO2 user Helen Picarella is able to make phone calls again and communicate while driving her car.
Jonathan Shackleton shares his experiences traveling to Antarctica while wearing his ReSound ENZO2 hearing aids.

ReSound ENZO2 features

  • Sound quality and audiological features
  • Wireless connectivity and accessories
  • Personalization and apps
  • Design
Crisp, clear sound in any environment
With ReSound ENZO2, you can experience amplified, balanced sound that is crisp and clear in any environment. Wearing one of the most powerful hearing aids for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss available, you will be able to enjoy more amplification without feedback than any hearing aid you’ve used before. The Spatial Sense feature lets you focus on the sound you are interested in and improves your ability to tell where other sounds are coming from.
A direct connection to your favourite devices
ReSound ENZO2 is a Made for Apple® hearing aid, which means people with severe-to-profound hearing loss will be able to stream phone calls, music or sound directly from your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® without any extra accessories.

If you don't have an iPhone®, you can still stream to your hearing aids by pairing your Android or Bluetooth-enabled phone using our ReSound Phone Clip+.

With ReSound ENZO2 you can connect directly to all ReSound wireless accessories, giving you direct audio streaming and discreet control over what you hear.
Fine-tune discreetly from your phone
With the award-winning ReSound Smart app, you can personalize your ReSound ENZO2 to your unique tastes. Make easy sound enhancements by adjusting volume, treble and bass, so you always get the best listening experience. Create favourite settings, geo-tag them and have them activate automatically when you return to that location. All without having to touch – and draw attention to – your hearing aids. The ‘Finder’ function lets you quickly track down your hearing aids if you misplace them. ReSound Smart app is available for Apple Watch® as well.
Comfortable, small and robust
ReSound ENZO2 is one of the most powerful hearing aids available today and is designed to be both amazingly small and comfortable. It's packed with great features and is available in two power levels: High Power and Super Power.

All models are robust and reliable. Every component is coated with iSolate nanotech, an ultrathin shield that seals them from moisture, earwax and dust.
Styles available

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

The ReSound ENZO² is available in 2 different BTE style and in a wide range of colours to suit your needs and preferences.