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ReSound ENZO Q™

Power plus performance

The complete hearing solution for severe-to-profound hearing loss

  • Crystal clear, comfortable, high-quality sound
  • More options for connectivity and direct streaming
  • Personalize to suit your preferences
  • Convenient remote and real-time support
  • Perfectly complements Cochlear™ implants
  • Crystal clear, comfortable, high-quality sound

  • Even greater connectivity and direct streaming

  • Fully personalizable to suit your preferences

  • Convenient remote and real-time support

  • Perfectly complements Cochlear™ implants

Exceptional sound quality
ReSound ENZO Q provides more than just the power you need. It brings together the connectivity, support and personalization you want for the best hearing experience in any environment.
hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss |ReSound ENZO Q
Meet a complete hearing solution that is beyond powerful

ReSound ENZO Q our most advanced technology for severe-to-profound hearing loss was created for you to enjoy clear and comfortable sound, plus extensive options for connectivity and support.

As clarity of sounds is highly important, you can personalize your hearing experience to suit your preferences. Feel comfortable knowing that there won’t be whistling or squealing noises even when your hearing aid volume is ramped up.

60% improvement in recognizing speech from in front in noisy environments*

It takes effort and energy trying to hear in noisy places. Hear better in noise with ReSound ENZO Q, which cleverly supports the way you like to listen without cutting you off from your surroundings. Follow group conversations and hear where sounds are coming from all around you, while focusing on speech and other sound details.

Research shows that people with severe-to-profound hearing loss experience a 60% average improvement in recognizing speech from in front of them in noisy places with our technology.

* Benefit of directional microphone compared to omnidirectional microphone (data on file)
Uncomfortable sounds made comfortable

High levels of amplification can be a benefit to help you feel connected in your surroundings, but unpleasant when unwanted noises are loud and distracting.

ReSound ENZO Q strikes the right balance. It detects your environments and automatically adjusts volume and noise settings to just-right levels. Distracting background sounds like running water or the din of traffic become comfortable, yet still audible.

Our technology also takes the edge off particularly loud, jarring sounds, such as keys dropped on a table or audience applause. In fact, 89% of sudden loud sounds are made more comfortable with ReSound hearing aids.

Hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss | ReSound ENZO Q
Direct streaming and greater connectivity

Stream directly from both iOS and Android™ devices* to your hearing aids and enjoy crystal clear, comfortable, high-quality sound. Talking on the phone, watching TV, or listening to music, it’s as simple as using wireless stereo headphones.

When streaming to ReSound hearing aids, you can understand 50% more of the conversation on average**, compared to a regular phone call. The telecoil in ReSound ENZO Q also enables you to connect to loop sound systems and get amplified sounds delivered directly to your hearing aids in public spaces, such as museums, live venues, lectures or theatres.

*Full streaming compatibility with Android devices requires minimum Android v10 and Bluetooth 5.0 and that functionality has been enabled by the phone manufacturer and service carrier. ReSound cannot guarantee full compatibility with all Android devices.
**Jespersen & Kirkwood, 2015.
Hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss with direct Android streaming
Wireless accessories to make life easier
ReSound wireless accessories help in challenging listening situations, working together as an intelligent system for a seamless real-time listening experience.
hearing aid wireless accessories for severe-to-profound hearing loss | ReSound Multi Mic

ReSound Multi Mic

Connects with loop and FM systems*. This mic clips onto the clothing of the person you’re talking to. You can also place the mic on a table to work as a table microphone for group conversations.

*FM receiver required.
hearing aid accessories for severe-to-profound hearing loss | ReSound Micro Mic

ReSound Micro Mic

Give this clip-on mic to the person you’re talking to and easily keep up with conversations in noisy environments – up to 80 feet away in a clear line of sight.

hearing aid accessories for severe-to-profound hearing loss | ReSound TV Streamer 2

ReSound TV Streamer 2

Stream sound from the TV directly to your hearing aids. Your volume can be set and adjusted independently of the volume set by any other viewers.

Personalize to suit your preferences

You set the pace with ReSound ENZO Q hearing aids. They automatically adjust to your sound environment, but you can personalize the details of your hearing experience even further with the ReSound Smart 3D™ app, directly from your phone.

The app places real-time control right at your fingertips. Swipe and select a range of programs and optimize sounds, such as speech focus and noise reduction, to suit your current location.

hearing aid app for severe-to-profound hearing loss | ReSound Smart 3D
New ReSound Assist Live Assistance

Have face-to-face fitting sessions from the comfort of your own home. ReSound Assist Live Assistance allows you to meet with your hearing care professional through a video call for fine-tuning adjustments.

Face-to-face fitting app function in ReSound Smart 3D
Perfectly complements Cochlear™ implants

ReSound and Cochlear share wireless technology, so you can stream directly to your Cochlear implant and ReSound hearing aid simultaneously from a compatible iOS or Android device, or from a range of wireless accessories.* With more sound to both ears and superior sound quality compared to using a cochlear implant alone1, you can take phone calls, enjoy your favorite music or TV series, or chat more easily with someone at a noisy restaurant2.

bimodal hearing  solution - smart hearing alliance
* For compatibility information and devices visit and
1. Farinetti A, Roman S, Mancini J, et al. Quality of life in bimodal hearing users (unilateral cochlear implants and contralateral hearing aids). Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol (2015 Nov); 272, 3209–3215.y
2. Preliminary data on file: Clinical evaluation of the Cochlear Nucleus® CI532 cochlear implant in adults (CLTD5685). 2019, Jan. [Sponsored by Cochlear].
Stylishly reliable and robust

 ReSound ENZO Q is available in the following styles:

Hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss | ReSound ENZO Q

High Power

Hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss | ReSound ENZO Q

Super Power

ReSound ENZO Q color lineup
Support you need
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