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Remote In-Ear Testing from the comfort and safety of your home​

With ReSound Assist Live Assistance, your hearing care professional can perform a hearing assessment using your smart device, while you stay in the comfort and safety of your home.

ReSound Assist Live Assistance
Get off to a great start  with your new ReSound hearing aids
Your hearing care professional will provide you with a set of compatible hearing aids in order to complete a remote in-ear hearing assessment.
How to get started?
It's easy to get started with ReSound hearing aids and Live Assistance.
Follow the steps outlined below to prepare your hearing aids and smart device for your remote hearing assessment.

Download our remote in-ear hearing assessment one-pager


Insert or charge hearing aid batteries.

Once you have received your hearing aids, please insert fresh batteries or, if you have rechargeable hearing aids, charge them up to ensure you have enough power to complete a remote in-ear hearing assessment.

Step 2

Pair your hearing aids to your smart device.

Your hearing aids will need to be paired to your smart device in order to communicate with your hearing care professional throughout the remote appointment.

Step 3

Download the ReSound Smart 3D app on your smart device

In order for your hearing care professional to make adjustments to your hearing aids during the Live Assistance appointment, you will need to have the ReSound Smart 3D app installed on your smart device.

Step 4

Review your ReSound Assist Live Assistance Quick Guide

Review your ReSound Live Assistance Quick Guide to make sure you are ready for your Live Assistance appointment and know what to expect once the call begins.

Step 5

Put on your hearing aids

To insert, hang the hearing aid over the top of the ear. Push the dome far enough in your ear canal far enough so the receiver tube lies gently against your head.

Step 6

Replace your hearing aid domes

You may need to replace the domes on your hearing aids after your hearing assessment.

You are now ready to start your remote in-ear video appointment. You can continue to use Live Assistance for follow-up appointments if needed.

Be sure to schedule an in-person follow up appointment with your hearing care professional when you feel comfortable and stay at home restrictions are lifted.